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@FoweyAquarium Dick Emery? 03:22 29th September

@FoweyAquarium Tom Cruise? 10:33 29th September

@SMartdale @ILoveCornwallUK @LoveFowey @FoweyHarbour @Dawn_French @piratefm @IMcMillan @Lazyjacksfowey thank you 😍😍 02:46 26th September

RT @SMartdale: Great breakfast today @Lifebuoycafe @ILoveCornwallUK @LoveFowey @FoweyHarbour @Dawn_French @piratefm @IMcMillan @Lazyjacksfo… 02:45 26th September

RT @bodminpete: @swcoastpath You'd have to walk a long way to beat @Lifebuoycafe 08:47 23rd September

@bodminpete @swcoastpath Thanks πŸ€— 08:47 23rd September

@caffediartisan thanks 09:46 19th September

RT @SMartdale: #Fowey Gulls Video @Lazyjacksfowey @IMcMillan @piratefm @Lifebuoycafe @FoweyInfo @BBCCornwall @Dawn_French @NTSouthWest @lov… 08:02 18th September

@RichardAnscombe we did lejog and back last November in a 1966 morris minor. Have a lovely trip 05:26 5th September

@CaroleEvans1 @saintswaykernow ha, Thanks for clearing that up xx 01:26 3rd September

RT @8_wire: #30day today's photo is #Fowey looking amazing in last weekend's sunshine; the river boats heading out racing.… 03:24 2nd September

@saintswaykernow can't say! πŸ˜‰ 03:07 2nd September

Mr Ramsey is moving to Fowey, cool! 08:18 2nd September

RT @SMartdale: #Fowey Misty Morning today @Lazyjacksfowey @Lifebuoycafe @Dawn_French @FoweyInfo @IMcMillan @metoffice @BBCSpotlight @pirate… 07:49 2nd September

there is a steam train due in to Par at 2pm on Saturday leaving 5.30pm. Passengers are being bussed to fowey, info… 11:28 1st September

RT @SMartdale: Great video of dolphins near Fowey @Lazyjacksfowey @Lifebuoycafe @FoweyInfo @LoveFowey @Dawn_French @ILoveCornwallUK _ @pira… 07:46 31st August

RT @FoweyTownBand: Morning all first tweet of many to come, please follow us & RT @Lifebuoycafe @QuayBakery @FoweyHarbour @foweyregatta 07:57 28th August

Happy Monday x 07:10 28th August

@EmilyK_T hi sorry we don't do bookings it's just first come first served 😒 but if you get here for 9 I'll put two tables together πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž 09:33 23rd August

@EmilyK_T ok, we won't xx 08:53 23rd August

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